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Sony Greenlights Another Spider-Man Reboot

(Hollywood) With The Amazing Spider-Man still cleaning up at the box office, Sony Pictures announced plans to reboot Spider-Man again with a brand new movie for summer 2014.

“People are crazy about the new Spider-Man movie, and we couldn’t be more proud, but it’s time to shake things up,” a representative for Sony Pictures stated over the weekend at the San Diego Comicon. “After one movie, it’s time breathe some new life into the franchise.”

While The Amazing Spider-Man was a hit with hardcore fans who consider the film a respectable update of the previous Spider-Man movies starring Tobey Maguire, sources close to the studio say a script is in the works that will once again tell the story of mild mannered student Peter Parker and how he became the wall crawling crime fighter everyone knows and loves.

Sony executives were overheard saying how anxious they are to “retell the origin story once again, with a new cast and a new director with a fresh vision of the famous webslinger, a vision that’s even fresher than the Spider-Man movie still playing in theaters.”

Pre-production of the new Spider-Man reboot is expected to begin this fall, with a tentative release scheduled for July of 2014. Sony execs are predicting this second new Spider-Man movie will be a major success, and are hoping to reboot the series again in 2016.

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