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With the Summer blockbuster Battleship ready to hit theaters on May 18 and Adam Sandler developing Candy Land for Columbia Pictures, movies based on old school board games are hot hot hot in Hollywood!

Now Michael Bay has thrown his hat into the ring when he announced this week he’ll produce and direct a live action adaptation of Milton Bradley’s classic game Chutes and Ladders.

Director Michael Bay

Chutes and Ladders will be unlike anything you have ever seen before,” Bay said in a press conference at Paramount Pictures on Tuesday. “There’s going to be lots of explosions, long drawn out action scenes with giant CG monsters and robots destroying major cities, and plenty of shots of characters running in slow motion away from the explosions and CG monsters and robots as they destroy major cities. It’s a tremendous departure for me.”

21 Jump Street star Channing Tatum has signed on to play Dr. Cole Steele, a maverick quantum physicist who opens several interdimensional portals during a lab experiment. Through the portals (or chutes, as Cole refers to them) come a fierce race of monsters hell bent on enslaving mankind!

Maverick physicist Channing Tatum

With the help of  his particle physicist ex-girlfriend and some brave sentient robots that arrive in our universe through an interdimensional “ladder” also opened up by the botched experiment, Cole must find a way to send the giant otherworldly terrors back where they came from and save the earth!

Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kate Upton will play Cole’s former flame Dr. Deborah Ashley, a brilliant scientist who according to the script worked her way through Cal Tech as a San Diego Chargers Cheerleader.

Renowned actress Kate Upton

Bay had nothing but praise for the beautiful and bodacious Upton. “Kate is going to be a joy to work with. She was a real trooper throughout the entire audition process, which involved me filming her running around in cutoffs and a damp wife beater for hours. What a true professional.”

Look for Chutes and Ladders in your local multiplex in the summer of 2014!


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