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Every Actor in Showbiz to Appear In New Years Eve 2

(Hollywood) Warner Brother’s holiday comedy  New Years Eve hasn’t even hit theaters yet, and the film’s director Garry Marshall is already hard at work on the sequel which will feature a cast bigger than any other in the history of movies.

New Years Eve has a great ensemble cast,” Marshall said as he arrived for a meeting on the studio lot. “But we only had about twenty stars in it. New Years Eve 2 is going to be much bigger with a lot more stars! Anybody and everybody who’s ever been in a movie will be in it! Is Jane Russell still alive? If she is, I want her in it!”

Marshall has a team of screenwriters working day and night on a script featuring over 150,000 characters with speaking parts. “We hope to start filming in January and continue around the clock until we get everyone. I think there will be a lot of group scenes. That should save time, right?”


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